JQA Diary, volume 32 Day
JQA Neal Millikan Recreation

Day— Distribution of time as the preceding Months; but morning baths have ceased since the 17th. and since the 21st. I have resumed this Diary, the arrears of which I have retrieved to the first of August, this day commenced— Since the 21st. also the Theatre has been closed, and as the Evenings lengthen and grow cool, I am enabled to employ a part of them in reading or writing. But more frequently at Chess.

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30 September 1822

30. VI: Mr G. Hadfield was here this morning, and brought his Power of Attorney to R. Rush, to be authenticated at the Department of State and ...
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1 October 1822

Tuesday 1. October 1822 1 V:30. A Sleepless Night. The cause of which I could not assign to myself, but it was with a dispersion of spirits which ...