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JQA Diary, volume 35 3 August 1824
JQA Neal Millikan Foreign Relations

3. V. Mr Everett, and Miss M’Knight left us this morning in the Stage for Baltimore with Commodore Chauncey and his family and Commodore Morris— Chauncey, who has been two or three years a Commissioner of the Navy, exchanges that situation for the command of the Navy-yard at New-York and is removing. Mr Southard the Secretary of the Navy likewise left the City with his family and Commodore Rodgers, going upon a tour of Inspection to the Northern navy yards— Mr G. Hay called at my house to tell me that the French Minister had arrived, and that as the President was desirous of returning as soon as possible to Loudoun, it would suit his convenience if I could present the Minister to him to-morrow— Mr Brent sent an intimation of this to the Count de Menou, who in consequence immediately sent a notification of the Minister’s arrival, with a request that I would receive him for which I appointed this day, at half past three— There was a Cabinet Meeting at the President’s at one— Mr Calhoun and Mr Wirt present— I had not been able to send a notification to Mr Crawford, as the President had desired. The principal question was of Instructions to be given to Mr Brown, for Negotiation with France, upon the claims of our Citizens; and whether he should be authorised to connect with it a negotiation for indemnity to France on account of the 5th. Article of the Louisiana Convention. After much discussion the President inclined to decide that we could not admit the blending of the two subjects, but deferred the decision till to-morrow, and requested me to notify Mr Crawford of the Meeting, and request his attendance if entirely convenient— Mr R. Forrest afterwards offered to go out and take himself the notification to Mr Crawford; which I requested him to do— Other subjects were also postponed till to-morrow— At half past three, the Baron Durand de Mareuil, came with the Count de Menou, and delivered to me the copy of his Credential Letter— He said he had also the answer to the notice of Mr Gallatin’s recall; and the notice of Baron Hyde de Neuville’s recall. 228I informed him that the President would receive him at half past one to-morrow. Alexander Scott applied for the appointment of Agent to Guatemala— Dr Thornton was at my house this Evening.