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JQA Diary, volume 35 5 August 1824
JQA Neal Millikan Recreation

5. V:15. Swam an hour in the Potowmack, alone; but the morning was cool, and the remonstrances of my friends against the continuance of this practice will induce me to abandon it; perhaps altogether— Mr Lemuel Sawyer formerly a member of Congress, called upon me with a subscription Book, for the publication of a Tragedy, in five Acts, entitled the Wreck of Honour by him— He has already published a Comedy in four Acts, called Blackbeards— At the Office A. B. Nones came and took his Commission as Consul at Marocaybo— The Count de Menou called, to enquire if the list to be furnished of the Baron de Mareuil’s Legation should include those who were of the French Legation before— I thought it should. The Count told me how much he had been affected by the kind expressions yesterday of the President to him— Dr Watkins called at the Office— Mr G. Hay called at my house after dinner, and we walked—called at C. B. King’s the Painter’s; and saw the Portraits he is painting of the Indians now here— Mrs Adams rode with Dr Huntt to Mrs French’s at Georgetown, to see Mrs W. S. Smith who is residing there. Mr Anderson the Comptroller of the Treasury was also this morning at my Office— To enquire of the Construction of the Act of Congress of Feby 1823, concerning the commercial intercourse with the British Colonies in America. His question was whether a British vessel from a Colony in North-America could proceed to a Colony in the West-Indies, and vice versa— I told him they could— He had also a question whether in Massachusetts a man could be held to Bail on mesne process, without an Oath of the Plf to the debt. I said he could unless the Law had been lately changed— I had also much conversation with him upon the Politics of former times; particularly of the embargo of 1807— He was a member of the Committee of the Senate which reported that Bill.