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JQA Diary, volume 36i 17 November 1828


Emily Wieder Recreation

17. VI. Monday— Round Capitol Square Walk—

Conner. Captain B. Wants employment to remove Sandbars— Fendall— Ph. R. Letter to M’Pherson consul at Carthagena— Southard Saml. L. The South Pole Expedition— Jones to command— Instruments to be purchased— Clay— Henry Baron Lederer declines signing the Treaty. Rush— Richard Letters from T. Law— Rush’s Minutes of 1825. and 6 Macomb Alexander— His Statement— Lambert and Belton Tharp— William. Returned him his papers— Declined a decision.
Maps of the North-eastern Boundary. Surveys by the States of Massachusetts and Maine. Letters from B. Vaughan
Gallatin Albert Gallatin    junr
Preble. W. P.— from Maine