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JQA Diary, volume 41 28 October 1840
JQA Neal Millikan
140 Quincy. Wednesday 28. October 1840.

28. V:30. Wednesday—

Spear William, Deacon Field Harvey. Thayer Minott Ides Loring Thomas

Last Evening, after closing my Lecture, I received a note from Mr Abbott Lawrence inviting me to come and lodge at his house— Mr Foster had given me a similar invitation.— Mrs Felt, who was at the Lecture, did the same.— Harriet Welsh and Elizabeth De Wint, were also there, and Miss De Wint told me she wished to go with my wife and family to New-York— The chapel last Evening was full; but there were at least four women present, to one man— Except my own Relations, and Degrand, I saw there none of my acquaintance, except old Joseph May whom I had not seen for many years— Dr Bowditch asked if I should be willing to give the Association a copy of my Lecture, for publication, but I declined, as I proposed to deliver it at sundry other places—and indeed it is not worth publication.— As the carriage to bring me home was waiting at the Chapel door, I could not answer Mr Lawrence’s Note, but Mr Barnard promised to send him word, that I had previously arranged to return to Quincy— One of the Committee offered to come out with me, but I thought it too severe a tax upon his complaisance, and came alone. Dr Bowditch’s wife, an English woman said to me that an ex Subject of the very fine girl thanked me for my Lecture— This morning Deacon Spear and Harvey Field called together; and had some conversation with me about my farm, and a house and lot bordering on the Quincy Canal which Field wishes to sell— He returned last evening from a trip to Bangor to make a purchase of lumber, and brought back my Umbrella, which had been left on board the Steamer Bangor, when we landed in the Night at Portland. The Deacon spoke about making sale of the wood on the lot which we surveyed on the 8th. of this Month—but I referred him for all my business here to my Son, who went this morning to Boston, and returned to dine.— Mr Minott Thayer was here with a young man by the name of Ides.— My Son delivered a Lecture last Evening, to the whigs at Braintree, with which Mr Thayer was highly delighted. He promised to send me the 50 copies of my address of last year delivered before the Inhabitants of Braintree at Mr Storrs’s Meeting house— Mr Loring invited us to a political whig meeting at Hingham to-morrow Evening to hear Mr Caleb Cushing, but I have other engagements, and Charles has promised to deliver a political address to-morrow evening at Cohasset.— Mr Loring brought and shewed me a Letter from me to his Aunt Hannah Thaxter dated 16. Jany 1775 now in possession of his Sister Mrs Whittemore—and he told me that Mrs Nehemiah Parsons had a file of Letters from my mother to Mr John Thaxter.— This Evening at 7 O’Clock, I delivered at the town Hall the introductory Lecture for the Season, before the Quincy Lyceum. Charles went with me.— The Hall was full, but not crowded— Home at 9.