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JQA Diary, volume 43 11 March 1842
JQA Neal Millikan
75 Washington Friday 11. March 1842

11. IV.45. Friday.

Leavitt Joshua Cruit Rothwell Mrs Thornton Mrs Talbot Talbot Theodore Mary Talbot

Mr Leavitt called this morning, and told me that as there appeared to be at present an interval of leisure from discussions of much interest to the cause of liberty he proposed to avail himself of it, to pay a visit to his family. The Intelligencer of this morning contains the Letter of Joshua R. Giddings to the Legislature of Ohio, in answer to their infamous factious resolutions of censure upon me for presenting the Haverhill Petition— In the House Wise offered a Resolution for a select Committee of five to consider and report upon the expediency and propriety of separating the patronage of the Government from the private and political press and on the best mode of effecting that purpose adopted without opposition— So was a Resolution offered by Joseph R. Ingersoll, instructing the judiciary Committee to enquiry into the expediency of reporting a bill for selecting juries in States where obstacles are interposed by the local laws. Committee of the whole on the state of the Union Briggs in the Chair— General Appropriation Bill— Stanly moved to strike out the item of appropriation for the Salary of the first Auditor of the Treasury and his clerks— Jesse Miller of Pennsylvania is the Auditor; and in the report of Wise’s Committee of investigation, into the Swartwout defalcation, Miller was charged with culpable negligence and incompetency; in not discovering Swartwouts embezzlements— Stanly modified his motion, to strike out only the auditor’s own salary and sent to the clerk a speech of Proffit’s made two years ago, vehemently denouncing the Van Buren administration for retaining Miller in office. A ludicrous debate now followed, between Proffit—Charles Brown, Wise, and John C. Clark; succeeded by John G. Floyd, Underwood, Gordon, Arnold, and Holmes of South Carolina, in which Proffit boasted that his speech had elected half the whigs in the house, and Charles Brown said Ogle’s speech had elected the other half.— Linn of New-York finally took the floor; the Committee rose, and the house adjourned— Cruit was here with his claim, and Mr Rothwell brought me a mortgage of Obadiah B Brown, as security for the note of Withers, and a release of the bond and mortgage of the Columbian College; which he left with me, to be called for in the course of the next week to complete the final settlement of that concern— Evening visits from Mrs Thornton, Mrs Talbot and her son and daughter. I was obliged to leave them for my chamber—