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JQA Diary, volume 43 15 March 1842
JQA Neal Millikan
79 Washington Tuesday 15. March 1842

15. VI. Tuesday.

Johnson William Mary E. E. Cutts.

Committee of Foreign Affairs. Present Adams Cushing, Everett, Granger, Shepperd. E. T. White, Caruthers and A. H. H. Stuart. Absent Meriwether only—indisposed— Mr Shepperd was authorised to report to the house the Senate Bill for paying out from the Treasury, commissions to the agents and attornies of claimants, under the French Spanish and Neapolitan Treaties, with a limitary amendment and Everett was authorised to report the Bill in favour of the claim of Margaret Meade. Mr Everett’s plan for reducing the number of diplomatic missions abroad was taken up, and read— Cushing started an objection to the consideration of the subject, denying the right of the Committee to consider any thing not referred to them by the house— I then moved that the chairman be instructed to move in the house the reference to the Committee again of the Resolution of 29 August last, proposing a reduction of the diplomatic missions abroad, upon which the Committee make no report at the extra Session— Cushing’s objection was overruled—supported only by his own vote. The instruction was given, and I made the motion in the house; immediately after the reading of the Journal— Cushing objected— I moved a suspension of the rules to enable me to make the motion— Cushing cavilled and quibbled upon the points of order, which the Speaker decided against him— He called the motion for reference a Report, and argued that no Committee could report upon any thing not referred to them by the house— Yorke moved the previous question— The yeas and nays were called and were 173 to 6 for the reference— I notified the members of the Committee to meet next Thursday morning at 10.— Stanly and Botts offered Resolutions respecting the Coast-wise navigation of the Mail-Steamers—adopted. Barton and Halsted presented counter-reports concerning the election of David Levy as delegate from Florida. Question which was the majority report—one member signed both— Mallory reported two Bills from the Committee of naval affairs. Committee of the whole on the state of the Union— General appropriation Bill— Long speech from Archibald H. Linn— Then Sprigg, Wise Irwin, all in attack or defence of Jesse Miller, first Auditor of the Treasury— Stanly withdraws his motion— Willis Green, Smith, Owsely, Wise, on the Secretary for signing Patents. Proffit on the Light-house establishment. M’Keon— Drawing-room— Mary Cutts here.