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JQA Diary, volume 43 17 March 1842
JQA Neal Millikan
81 Washington Thursday 17. March 1842.

17. VI. Thursday.

Berryman Coolahan Cutts Richard C. Beal of Kingston

Mr Berryman, a Clerk in the Treasury Department and son of a man heretofore employed as a political electioneering grub for Calhoun and Duff Green—but long since deceased, came this morning with a proposal to purchase the house next door to Captain Carbery’s— I referred him to Mr Frye— Meeting of the Committee of foreign Affairs. Present Adams, Cushing, Everett, Granger, E. D. White, Caruthers, Shepperd, and A. H H. Stuart—absent Meriwether. Everett moved that the Chairman be requested to confer with the Secretary of State, on the subject of the Resolution of the house adopted on Tuesday looking to the diminution of the number of the diplomatic missions abroad— Cushing demanded that Everett’s motion should be reduced to writing; which was done—and then Cushing moved a substitute, that the chairman address a communication in writing to the Secretary of State on the subject after some discussion Cushing’s substitute was rejected and Everett’s motion adopted— Cushing then offered a written Resolution that in future the proceedings of the Committee should be conducted so far as practicable by the rules of the house— This produced another debate consuming all the remnant of time till the meeting of the house, Granger voting at last with Cushing, and all the other members present against his Resolution— When the Committee adjourned, I asked Cushing what motive he had for this course of proceeding with me; and found him sore upon trifles lighter than air, for pretexts but really, because I am chairman of the Committee, and because I exposed the tampering of the Slave trade majority of the Committee, with him, which he himself had made known to me. He has got himself into trouble, and makes desperate plunges to get out of it— In the house, Pickens wanted some notice in the journal of yesterday of the manner in which the Committee of the whole on the state of the Union laid aside the General Appropriation Bill, and took up the loan Bill; but the Speaker said the journal never took notice of any thing that took place in Committee of the whole— Gilmer from the retrenchment Committee reported two Bills, one about the franking privilege, and one to regulate the mileage of members of Congress. Lowell presented petitions from Maine, about the colonial trade and the North-eastern boundary. Arnold moved a call for a report on charges against Officers of the penitentiary. Committee of the whole on the state of the Union. Briggs in the chair. Loan Bill— Fillmore replies to Wise. Tillinghast—Pickens, ReynoldsW. Cost JohnsonMarshall, Saltonstall, Charles Brown, Everett moves an amendment— Stanly replies to Brown— There was an Evening party at the Postmaster General Wickliffe’s. Elizabeth and Mrs John were there—