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JQA Diary, volume 44 26 July 1843
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21 Niagara Falls. Wednesday 26 July 1843. Buffalo.

26. IV:30 Wednesday.

Porter judge Porter Peter B. junr Fillmore Millard Love Thomas C. Stevens Frederick P. Foote Doctor T. M Crowds

My wedding day. 1797.—

Since I left home, I have been able hither to, to employ two hours of the morning before breakfast in writing, and thus to keep along with the current of time in my journal— But now commences a succession of days so absorbed morning noon and night, that my record must run into arrears very difficult, if not impracticable to retrieve— This morning Genl. Porter took me over to see his brother the judge, who within a few months has been crippled by an accident in which his hip bone was broken, and he can scarcely rise from his seat. At his house I found four clergymen of different denominations who were introduced to me; but whose names escape from my memory.— After a tour in his garden from one corner of which there is a fine view of the falls, I visited with the General their Saw Mill where they were sawing planks— There was also a machine for sawing shingles, not working, but which had been seen and much admired by Mr Brooks. I enquired of one of the workmen, how long the saw which the machinery drives through the log in half a minute and turns out a plank. He said four months and was entirely worn out in that time.— The train of Cars leaves the Falls for Buffalo, at 2. P.M— But the Committee from that City had concluded to take me up from Schlosser in the Steamer Bunker Hill— General Porter took me in his Carriage to Schlosser, and there all our party met, precisely at Noon, the time which had been fixed, the Committee from Buffalo, with a numerous company of Ladies and gentlemen who had taken this opportunity for an excursion of pleasure, and all cordially greeted me and all our party. Here General Porter took leave of me, declining from indisposition the earnest invition of the Citizens of Utica to accompany me thither.— There was another Steamer the Cleveland with a company of Ladies and Gentlemen, equally numerous on a separate excursion, but joining us as in procession— The passage from Schlosser to Buffalo occupied four hours; the banks of the river on both sides presenting a succession of beautiful landscapes. Some of us landed on Grand Island, and inspected the pyramid announcing in Hebrew and in English the city of Ararat founded by Moses M. Noah— We dined in the Steamer: a cold water dinner, and at 4. O’Clock entered in beautiful Style, the harbour of Buffalo, at the entrance of Lake Erie— We were received by shouting multitudes at the landing. I was conducted in an open barouche to a Stage at the park received a complimentary address from Mr Fillmore, which was answered by me addressing the People— After this I rode round the City with Mr Fillmore and the Mayor, then to the American Hotel, and shook hands with some hundreds of men and women— Firemen’s torch light procession— Thunder Shower and Evening party.