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JQA Diary, volume 46 20 August 1847


Neal Millikan Recreation
Quincy Friday 20th. August 1847.

20— VI.

Adams. Elizabeth. C.

I dined at my Sons with Mr. Alexander Vattemare, the twofold personage, as a Stage Player, and Ventriloquist, and as the projector, of Exchanges of Books, who was here, in the years 1840. and 41. and then returned to France, and has now made his second visit to this Country, bringing with him, it is said, almost 12000. volumes in Exchange, for other books to be collected from the Public Libraries of the scientific Institutions of the several States, and the Libraries of the State Legislatures— Just as we were about to sit down to Table, Mr. Filmore of Buffalo in the State of New York, came to pay me a visit and dined with us. Mr. Charles Brooks of Boston came also while we were at dinner. Mr. Vattemare appears to have lost none of his zeal and enthusiasm for his project and system of exchanging Books. He professes however, to have abdicated his second 152character of Ventriloquist and stage Player— He is now, no longer Mr. Alexander but simply Mr. Vattemare— He and Mr. Filmore, returned to Boston by the Railroad Cars and both propose to leave the City tomorrow— I rode with Mrs. Charles Adams to Milton leaving Mr. George. T. Bigelow with my Son—