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JQA Diary, volume 49 5 March 1825
JQA Neal Millikan

5. VII. Genl. Brown— Adjutt. Genls. Office— Coll. R. Jones.

James Barbour

S. L. Southard

D. Brent symbols C. Cutts with Treaties and appointments

N. Macon and T. W. Cobb.

Visits of gratulation and T.T.L many.

James Lloyd and N. Macon, Comee. of Senate to notify they were in Session— Answer.

Sent D. Brent with nominations.

Sent for J. R. Poinsett— Offered him the Mission to Mexico. will answer to-morrow— Richard. Gabriel— for a book.

Walk— met Calhoun.    Blunt.

Eve at the Capitol— Owen’s Lecture failed— Call on R. King.

Crowninshield T.T.L.