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Robert Treat Paine Papers, Volume 3

From Joseph Greenleaf
Greenleaf, Joseph RTP
Taunton May 12th 1775 Dear Sr.,

The inclosed letters I suppose contain every thing relative to public affairs & the affairs of your family, where I am with my whole train, & am by the perfidy of Genr. Gage strip’d of Furniture printg. office & other effects to the amount of near £500. Sterling eccept a single bed, some clothing, plate, & about 12£ Sterlg. in cash, besides the loss of a Business of about £300 Sterlg. pr. annum.

I have dismis’d three apprentices, & yr. sister has discharg’d her maid servant so that our family is reduced near one half but we are still too many for you to support.

I have some expectation of geting Tommy into business at providence for the present as to myself I am now going to Cambridge to consult friends there, for unless I can be doing something my wife & children must soon suffer for want of clothes.

Truces & capitulations have till now been held Sacred. They are essential parts of the law of Nations. Is it not then the duty of every separate nation, State & government, to call Gage to an accot. for violating them? I hope the Continental congress to whom we look for relief, will demand of him a compliance with the engagements he has solemnly entered into with the Town of Boston.

I dare not presume to dictate to wise men, as the members of the continental congress have proved themselves to be. But I cannot but wish that they would publish a manifesto directed to all the nations of the earth, & cause it to be dispersed thro’ the world, setting forth the barbarous— the DIABOLICAL treatment the colonies have received from G. Britain & this province in particular, who are in the very focust of minsterial fury, & then make the last appeal to him who is Judge among the people, & who has rebuked Kings for their sakes. I feel disposed to write a sheet upon this sub­49ject but I must set out on my Journey to Cambridge. After thanking you for your kind invitation of my self & family to yr. house & table. I wish you & yr. brethren in Congress wisdom equal to yr. task & am Sr. yr. friend & brother,

Joseph Greenleaf

RC ; addressed: “For Robt. Treat Paine Esqr. In Philadelphia via Hartford Free Ebenr. Hazard”; endorsed.