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Robert Treat Paine Papers, Volume 1

From Edward Flint
Flint, Edward RTP
Fort. Edward, Octobr. 6. 1755 Dr. Bob: Sr:,

I Receiv'd, both your former and Latter favour the former of which Immediatly Return'd an Answer to, and wonder you have Never Receiv'd it. Sr., I have had a Smart Combat with Genll. Hipp: and have, Captivated him, Notwithstanding his Great Strength and Laid him in Irons and hope Never to be assaulted by him more. However Really thought, the next day after you Left me I Should have fallen into his Merciless hands. Now being Conquerer am in good helth & Spirits, Thanks to Kind Providence & your Letters. Mr. Williams1 is arrived amongst us & given us a tast of Divinity, but not well kook'd, Long for a full meal of your Services. Deny me not. Sr., Your Humb. Sert.,


According to your Desier I have collected the following. Coll. Timothy Ruggles of Hardwick, Coll. Thos. Gilbert of Barkley dead, Majr. Jonn: White Leominster, Jonn: Hoar, Brevit Majr., Concord, Cap. Joseph Whitcomb, Lancaster, Cap. Soloman Keyes, Western Dead. Cap. Richd. Godfrey, Taunton, Cap. Samll. Robbinson, Hardwick, Cap. Ebenr. Hewell, Roxbury, Cap. Asa Whitcomb, Lancaster. Cap. John Jones, Bellingham &c.

Cap. Gilbert and Cap. Keyes were Killed in the ingagment,2 and Cap. Godfrey, head Majr. in Coll. Williams Regt. and no new one plac'd in their sted at present. Thus I have in an odd form, taken the Names of all the Commanding officers, & if it is not according to your Mind, I will Verbally Deliver it. Pray continue your favours, as you tender the Quietude of Your Hearty hearty Friend and Humb. Servt.,


N.B. Our Seperation is a frown of fortune and the Greatest Mortification I Sustain—My Service to coll. Willard.

Pray Sr. Send me the account of Every Man that was Kill'd in all the Regts. at the Lake and Each ones Name and the Peticular Company to which they belong'd.

RC ; endorsed.


Stephen Williams (1693–1782), minister of Longmeadow, served as chaplain to the regiments commanded by Ephraim Williams and Timothy Ruggles (Sibley's Harvard Graduates, 7:25–35).


The Battle of Lake George, Sept. 8,1755.