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Robert Treat Paine Papers, Volume 1

From Edward Flint
Flint, Edward RTP
Fort Edward &c Octob 10 1755. Fryday Reverd. Sr:,

I have receiv'd two Letters from, and, Never have had oppertunity to Return an answer to Either, till Now, which joyfully I Embrace. Your former Letter, I Repeatedly perus'd and found in it Strength Enough to Repel the forces of Genll. Hippo. if they was as Strong as Alixander himself, but in my Last I gave a short account of my history, but Never was fully Compleated till the arrival of Colo. Mirth's Regt. Sr., I have ben waiting a Long time, Expecting you at this fort but Now understanding by yours which Receiv'd this Morning, that you have the Gospelizing of all the Massechstts.1 am quite out of hopes, do intend immediatly to Visit you. Rejoyced to hear of your welfair, as I am also well, Your Labours are Very great hope they'll not be in vain. Sr., Pardon my not writing before, Very Busy, Many inveleeds, four died out of our Regt. Sence you was hear. Pray infore me of all News in your Next as in yr. Last. Docr. Pynchon2 Returns his Compliments wth. thanks for yours Pray Accept of my Cenceer thanks for your Repeated favours which Beg you will Continue. I am Sr., your Hum. Sert. and Best Friend,


RC ; addressed: "To Revd: Mr. R.T.Paine att Lake George in Colo: Willard's Regt."; endorsed.


On Sept. 9, RTP stated in his diary: "Revd. Mr. Page went for home. I officiated to three Regiments."


Probably Joseph Pynchon (1705–1765), physician of Springfield and Boston (Sibley's Harvard Graduates, 8:90–92).

From Edward Flint
Flint, Edward RTP
Fort, Edward Octob 13. 1755 Dr: Sr:,

Pardon my not wrighting before, Twas owing to Scarcety of Paper, but having found a piece to put it to the Best Use I Can, Even to Acquaint an old Friend of my present Circumstances which I assure you are None of the Best. Am much indispos'd in Body, have Sued for a furlow not yet obtain'd. Latly Receivd a Letter from Docr. Tufts, No News worth inserting here tho: Much Commotion in New England; Coll. Ruggles haith Quited this Fort, Majr. Hoar gone to aide him down. This315day Sixty odd inveleeds were discharg'd from our Regt. till further orders, and expect shortly the others will follow. Beg Sr. you would Make your Escape from Servitude and once more visit Fort Edward. See no time for my Visiting you. Sr. Your Humb. Sert.,


P.S., Sr. if you wright not to me by the Next Oppertunity I Shall conclude the Smoake of the Camp haith Blacken'd your Friendship towards me, who is your Senceere Friend,


RC ; addressed: "To Mr: R. T. Paine Chaplain in Cob. Willards Reg. An Lake George"; endorsed.