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Robert Treat Paine Papers, Volume 2

From Gilbert Deblois
Deblois, Gilbert RTP
Boston Novr. 5th 1765 Sr.,

I wrote you per Mr. Hellon wch. hope he has Deliver'd. I wrote per Post to Messrs: Wickham & Channing at Newport respecting two hundred pounds security wh. sd. Hellon told me last week he could obtain there, on Condition I wd. give up the Brig & two Vessells at the Cove, wch. I agreed to do, but as no proper Security can be given on Accot. of the Stampt Act, I desired sd. Gentn. not to accept of any one Person's note hand, that I Suppose Mr. Hellon wd: offer Mr: Crook's, or Saml. Goldthwait's note for sd. Sum, neither of which I had a good opinion off; & the Latter I know is worth nothing, that unless Mr. Hellon wd. procure at least two good Substantiall Men to give their Joynt Note of hand for sd. £200. I wd. rather keep the security I have allready got in those Vessells. As to the Security he sd: Hellon proposes giveing for £200 at Taunton in lieu of the peice Land in Easttown, I think cannot be done, for I cannot Convey it back to him, nor he to any other person for want of Stamp Paper, I shd. be glad to give up the Deed of sd: Land if he could procure me a Note of hand for sd: £200 Sign'd by two or three good Men who have good Real Estates & Men of undoubted Credit, the sd. note to be given Joyntly & Severally &c. I don't much Expect Mr. Hellon will make out any security either wth. you or at Newport, therefore wd. have you proceed in the Sale of the Vessells, and let them be bought for me & put into the Care of Coll. Richman, so as the Execution may be finished & everything done in a Regular manner. In so doing you'l oblig Sir Your most hble. Servt.


RC ; addressed: "To Mr. Robt. Treat Paine In Taunton per favr. Mr. Leonard"; endorsed.

From Gilbert Deblois
Deblois, Gilbert RTP
Bos. Novr. 19. 1765 Sr.,

After you have Examd. the contents of the Inclos'd you'l please to Seal it & Deliver to him, & if he makes out in the way I have propos'd then you'l please to order the Sheriff, to Deliver up the three Vessells358now in his hands (so soon as the note of hand is produced & Deliver'd to you, the form of wch. you'l please to give him) & if he cannot do any thing, then you'l please to Buy the sd. Vessells for me & let them be taken proper care off till you hear further from Sr. Your hble. Servt.


pray Excuse haste

RC ; addressed: "To Robt. Treat Payne Esqr. Prest."; endorsed; note by RTP: "his Letter Mr. Crokes Note with a Bondsman in two yrs. or single note in 12 ms."