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Robert Treat Paine Papers, Volume 2

From Apollos Leonard
Leonard, Apollos RTP
Taunton June 16th. 1767 Sr.,

Least you should think I meant to add fuel, to the Fire, I neglected, (untill this time,) Clearing up one point, Hinted in your Letter, which I Easily Can do.

Viz: you say Docr. McKinstrey is Justified in showing you the Letter I wrote to Him. Why? because He has undoubtedly as good a right to show the letter after He had Recd. it, as you had before you sent it; which you say is Evident for that it is not in your Hand writing; & Sr. I can assure you that the Letter sent was my own handwriting, & Done in a secret manner; & a Mr. Crocker who had the Letter I beleive was as Ignorant of the Contents when he Deliver'd it, as you was. & Sr. as I beleive your409Letter, or the words of it, were from an Honest Heart so I Recd. it In a Friendly manner, However sent. I am Yr. Vy. Hm. St.,


RC ; addressed: "To Robert Treat Paine Esqr. Taunton"; endorsed.

From Benjamin and Edward Davis
Davis, Benjamin Davis, Edward RTP
Boston June 17th 1767 Sir,

Collo. Richmond is now in Town, and is going East, and will not return in less than three Weeks, on Enquiring of him find that our writ was not served on him. Please to advise us if you can have our action commenced this Term, by leaveing a coppy of our Writ at his House, or any other way. Doubt not your care in this affair, and am wth. Esteem Sir your most Hum. Serts.


P.S. Collo. Richmond attached at the same Time. If he has been paid by the assignees, it may some Evedence us. You can find that by the return on his Execution.

RC ; addressed: "To Robert Treat Paine Esqr. at Taunton per Mr. Holmes"; endorsed. The ellipses indicate a hole in the paper.

From Ezra Taylor
Taylor, Ezra RTP
Boston July 3d. 1767 Sir,

On perusing last Mondays News Paper found an answer to a Gentlemans'1 Letter (as its said) belonging to Taunton, which he lady publish'd; the Answer is so agreeable to the whole Town as knowing it to be the very Picture of the Person intended for, that it gives great satisfaction to the whole, and some are of Opinion, that if the Person has but One grain of Modisty, he'll be ashamed to appear in Peace there any more, but his Modisty &ca., is greatly Queryed. I inclose you the News Paper, Which a Gentleman that lives Miles from this Place happening to peruse it, knew the Person (he said) by the Character, therefore thought fitt to fill up the blanks. I make no doubt and wish, that you woud add a Prefess to the same that we might see it in the News Papers from Taunton; The410Person is also turn'd Fortune hunter and with his Natural assurance blended with Ignorance attempted the greatest Fortune here, but met a smart rebuff (as it said) wanted ameeting in a Dark Room, where the Maid was planted instead of the Misstris, so that this Don Quickset of America was deceived in Rosinanta, in short his adventures are so many, that it would almost fill a Volum, his Very Name is Odious here. I am your most obedt. Humble Servt.,


RC ; addressed: 'To Robert Treat Paine esqr. at Taunton"; endorsed.


The published letter written by Joseph Tisdale of Taunton and not located was answered by "A Friend of Science" in The Boston-Gazette and Country Journal, June 29, 1767. Tisdale replied to the answer in the issue of Aug. 10. A mild reproof of Tisdale appeared by "Nov-Anglius" in The Boston Evening-Post on Aug. 24 and was answered in the Boston-Gazette and Country Journal of the same date.