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Robert Treat Paine Papers, Volume 3

From Lemuel Cox
Cox, Lemuel RTP
Sr., Exeter Octr. 8. 1776

I embrace this Oppy. to inform you of my safe arrival & that agreeable to yr: desire I deliver’d yr: Letter to Mr. Phillips which he rece’d with the greatest pleasure & thanks. If any thing more comes to yr: knowledge respect:g Salt peter or powder making he would be much oblig’d for a Continuence of yr: kindness as he is determind to pursue all measures that may be any ways conducive to the salvation of American Liberties. I am Sr. with the greatest deference yr. most Humb. Servt.

Lemuel Cox

P.S. Mr. Phillips is not accquainted with this conveiance or he would have wrote you.

RC ; addressed: “To Robert Treat Paine Esqr: member of the Honourable Continental Congress in Philadelphia”; endorsed.

Extract from the Minutes of the Continental Congress
Thursday, October 10, 1776

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to prepare the form of an oath to be taken by the officers of the army and navy:1

The members chosen, Mr. Wythe, Mr. Stone, and Mr. Paine.

Printed in Journals of the Continental Congress, 6:861 .


The committee reported back to Congress on Oct. 11, when their report was tabled (Journals of the Continental Congress, 6:868).

From Daniel Joy
Joy, Daniel RTP
Sir, Reading-Furnace Octor. the 15th 1776

At my arrivel here I applyed to Messrs. Rutter & Potts to know if they would undertake to make 16 Nine Pounders or 26 Twelve Pounders. 305They after a days deliberation to know if could collect their workmen (that were discharged previous to their going out of Blast) they could not be got to worke nor the Boerers be prevailed on to stay to do their part of the worke, and their Stock of coals being almost blowen out & wanting to get a new harth in before winter so as to be ready to put her in Blast early in the Spring. These & Sundry other reasons enduced them to decline either of the above jobbs. They say that they are sorry they can’t comply with the request, but if in future you should have any demands of the like, let them know it early & it shall be punctualy complyed with. Reading-furnace is much in want of water and cannot get Metal enough for a twelve pounder. However they will endevour to get them all cast, first the 9 lbr. for counciel of Safty by that time will have plenty of water to cast your 12 lbr. And Mr. Old thinks he shall be able to get them down by the latter end of Nov:ber. If Mr. Old should not get them in time hear & at warwick is Enough 12 lbr. Proved which will soon be sent down belonging to counciel of Safty, which you may Borrow. I have wrote Mr. Towers for Powder to try Mr. Birds guns with at my return from Grubbs which will be the begining of next week. In the Interim I remain with much Esteem your Hble. Servt.

Daniel Joy

RC ; addressed: “To The Honble Robert Treat Paine at Philadelphia”; endorsed.