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Robert Treat Paine Papers, Volume 3

To James Byers
RTP Byers, James
Sr., Philada. Novr. 3d. 1776

I was in hopes to have wrote to you before this time on the business of Casting brass Cannon, as we consulted when you was last here. I have waited to see the Process of the Air Furnace here with Wood but 315they have never tryed it wholly with wood & but till lately have made Any Castings, but it Seems to be more & more Certain that Wood will Answer. I have but lately been Able to find out that the owner of the Air furnace on the Common will not let it & therefore there must be a further Consultation about the best place to build one. I therefore desire you as soon as possible to come to Philada. & bring with you an exact Account of how much Copper & Tin you have got & where it is & inquire whether you can get any more, & before you come consider & settle in your mind whether the Air Furnace at New Ark can be used for this business & whether it will be Sufficiently Safe from the Enemy & whether Wood can be got there & whether the furnace can be hired if it will do. If this will not do, you will think of some suitable place to erect an Air Furnace, & be at this place as soon as you can. If any thing hinders you from Coming immediately pray write me word of it.

Dft. on same sheet as RTP to unidentified correspondent, Nov. 22, 1776; addressed: “To Mr. James Byers. brass Foundr. late of N. York. to the Care of Archiebald Camble Tavern Keeper at Hackensack”; endorsed.

From Sally Cobb Paine
Paine, Sally Cobb RTP
My Dear, Taunton Novr. 3 1776

I rec’d yours of Oct. 9 but not one word about coming home. Mr. J. Adams is at home though he has not been from home half So Long as you. One would think you’d want to See the Children if nobody els. I want to know if you have any desire to Come home. If you have tis very Strange indeed that you Cant Come as well as mr. adams. You Said in one of your Letters you Long:d to be at home. I hope it tis So but other Gentlemens Coming home Give me reason to think what I have no desire to. I Should be Glad if you would Send me Some money by Mr. hollowell who is the Bearer of this. The persons you desired me to Call upon for money Some are in the army & others cant pay this month yet I Can’t wait till then. I want to Lay in my winter Stores. Every thing is So dear here one had need to have a waggon Load of money—wood is 15 Cord but I found wood was rising So I ingaged ten Cord Last Summer for 12 Shillings. Seth has rid this two days & Cant get but ten Bushels of rye it is So scarce here & no flower but what is Sower.


Our family are well. Miss nabby is go to Boston. Miss Polly is hear & Sends duty all friends Send Love & Complyments & Longs for your return. Richards friends wants to hear from him. I have got a violent head ake to day So I am not able to go to meeting. Our Little folks are gone. Bobe & Sally Send their duty & are often asking me to Send for papa home. Tommy expects to have the dog. My head akes So I Cant think nor write but I wish you were Safe at home So da—da—your ever mindfull & affectionate,

Sally Paine

RC ; addressed: “To The Honble. Robert Treat Paine Esqr. a Member of the Congress at Philadelphia favd. by Mr. Wm. Hollaway”; endorsed.