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Robert Treat Paine Papers, Volume 4

From Sally Cobb Paine
Paine, Sally Cobb RTP
Taunton febr. 17 1779 My dear,

I rec:d the things by Seth Safe when the Butter came I was in a hury to have it opened but was much disapointed it does very well for family use but for toast its not so good but I can eat it. I have had the firkin of Capt Godfrey which is not very good nor very bad. Mr. Winslow was here Last weak to give you the offer of the Lot of Land which you hire he desines to Sell it this Spring but had rather you had it then any person he asked me if you had got any corn for him I told him no I desired him to come in march for you be at home then. I Should have wrote to you by Mr. Paddelford but Dr. Williams was going the Same weak in a carrigge which would have answerd my purpose better but he went without leting me know for which I was very Sorry Since which I have been so unwell that I could not write I have had very bad cold this fornight past but kept about till Sunday Last Since which Set up part of the day the Dr. was afraid of a Settle fever but I hope it will pass of for I feel much Spryer this evening then I have this three days the manner in which I Spend it I hope will be agreeble to you. Mr. Williams has brought Bushel of rye & Left a Letter to be Sent to you which I Shall inclose. Our family are pretty well father is better then when you Left home though he is very ill now. If an opportunity Should offer I Should be glad of Somthing thats fresh for we have had nothing of that kind Since you Left home. I have much more to Say but head akes So bad that I cant no more to night. My kind Love to Mr. Greenleef family. I desire my being unwell would not worry you. I shall due Spry.

Your affectionate Sally Paine

RC ; addressed: “The Honbl. Robt. T. Paine Esqr. Boston”; endorsed.

From Seth Padelford
Padelford, Seth RTP
Taunton Feby. 18th. 1779 Sir,

I recd. your Letter1 & Sent the s . . . writ vs. Chace by an officer this day with proper directions.

I Enclose you a writ which I beg of you to overlook & see that it is rightly drawn—& then give it to an officer for service—that you may Judge 83 whether it is rightly drawn these are the Circumstances viz Capt. Howland owned 1/24th part & Mr. Varnum 1/32 of the Sloop as mentioned in the writ. She went aCruise & returned, as soon as She returned Mr. Varnum, without asking Howlands Consent, went & sold her to persons unknown with all her Stores & now refuses to account with Capt. Howland for his part of the money. If it is not well drawn or the action is not properly brought be so good as to draw it properly—for which I will see you satisfied. Capt. Howland wou’d have apply’d to you if you had been present & I Suppose wou’d be glad to Engage you now.

Your family Sir is as well as usual & I Suppose they write by this oppertunity.

From your verry Humble Servt., Seth Padelford

Pray sir let the writ be Served for march Court.

RC ; addressed: “The Honble. Robert Treat Paine Esqr. Boston favd. by Capt. Dennis”; endorsed.


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