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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 1

Margaret Winthrop to John Winthrop1
Winthrop, Margaret Winthrop, John
To my very louinge Husband John Winthrope Esquire, these dd.
Most deare husband,

I did thinke to haue ritten no more to you, hopeinge to see you shortly, and yet I am so much indetted to you for your louinge and longe letters, that I must nedes rite a word or to to show my thankfullnesse and kind exceptance of them, allthoughe I can doe nothinge to equall them or to requit your loue, and so I thinke I had better doe a littell then not at all: that I may shew my willingnesse to doe it thouhe I am ashamed I can doe no better, and now I shall longe for that happy our when I shall see you and inioy my sweet and deare husband the lord send vs a comfortable meeteinge I am sory the wether is so bad I pray be as carefull as you can of takeinge colde. I send vp by John a pece of plate, and a turkey for my brother fones. I pray remember my loue to my brothers and sisters and my sonne John and thus with my dearest and best affections to my beloued husband desireinge the lord to send you a safe and prosperous iourney I commit you to the protection of almyty god who is onely able to keepe you. Your louinge and obedient wife

Margaret Winthrope February 13 1626–27.

I pray if you doe not think this peece of plate which I haue sent vp good enufe that you would make choyce of a better your selfe when you come home you shall haue it with a very good will.


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