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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 1

Deed of John Winthrop, Jr., 16281
Winthrop, John, Jr.

Knowe all men by these presentes that I John Winthrop sonne and heire apparant of John Winthrop and Mary his wife deceased daughter and heire of John Forthe gent. and Thomasin his wife deceased have remised released and for me and my heires by these presentes doe remise release and quite claime vnto my lovinge Aunte Susan Goldinge2 widow and her heires all right title claime interest and demande which I or my heires have or may have of in or vnto all or any the Landes and Tenementes of the said Susan in Boreham3or elswhere in the said County of Essex which were sometymes the said Thomasin Forthes and conveyed or intended to be conveyed to the said Susan or her heires or the heires of Edward Forthe gent. her husband deceased And all Actions suites and demandes whatsoever which I the said John Winthrop or my heires have or may have of or against the said Susan or her heires for any matter or cause whatsoever from the beginninge of the world vnto the daye of the date of these presentes In wittnesse whereof I the said John Winthrop have herevnto putt my hande and seale this sixteenthe daye of February Anno Regni dmi. nri. Caroli tertio.


W. Deeds, 24. Draft or copy in the hand of John Winthrop, Senior. On the reverse: “Sealed and delivered in the presence of” blank.


Susan, daughter of George Crymble and Thomasine (Hilles) Crymble, married (1) Edward Forth, of Kelvedon, co. Essex, uncle of Mary Forth, who married John Winthrop; and (2) Thomas Golding, of Poslingford, co. Suffolk. She died in 1634. She was a half-sister of Mary Forth and also, by marriage, her aunt. Muskett, 131.


A parish in the hundred of Chelmsford, co. Essex.