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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 3

John Winthrop to Sir Simonds D’Ewes1
Winthrop, John D’Ewes, Simonds
To the right worshipfull Sir Simonds Dewes Knight at Lavenham in Suff: Leave this with Mr. Gurdon or with Mr. Rogers of Dedham
Muche honored Sir,

Yours per Wm. Hamond I received, acknowledging my self so muche bounde to you, that you are pleased to take all occasions to manifest your good will to our Colonye, and to myself in particular: that I would gladly have bestowed much paynes in Satisfieing your desire concerninge the estate of our Countrye and Affaires, and I did hope vpon the discharge of my place, to have good leysure to that end, but our new Governor (my brother Dudly) dwelling out of the waye, I am still as full of Companye and business as before. But for the natives in these parts, Gods hand hath so pursued them, as for 300 miles space, the greatest parte of them are swept 172awaye by the small poxe, which still continues among them: So as God hathe hereby cleered our title to this place, and those who remaine in these parts, being in all not 50, have putt themselues vnder our protection, and freely confined themselues and their interest within certain Limitts.

For your counsell of Conforminge ourselues to the Church of England though I doubt not but it proceeds out of your care of our wellfare: yet I dare not thanke you for it; because it is not conformable to Gods will revealed in his worde: what you may doe in England where things are otherwise established, I will not dispute, but our case heere is otherwise: being come to clearer light and more Libertye, which we trust by the good hand of our God with vs, and the gratious indulgence of our Kinge, we may freely enioye it: so desiringe you to excuse my brevitye, and to continue your good will towards vs, I commend you with your good Lady and all yours to the gratious protection and direction of the Lord, and so I take leave and rest at your service in the Lord

Jo. Winthrop Boston N: E: July 21, 1634

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