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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 4

Robert Child to John Winthrop, Jr.1
Child, Robert Winthrop, John, Jr.
To his honoured and much respected freind Mr. John Winthrop Junr. Esq. at New England
Grausend Jun: the 27th 1643 Sir,

I am glad to heare of your safe arrivall at the Wight and hope your voyage to New England hath bin both spedy and prosperous. wee had provided 5 tun of stone at London before wee received letters from you, which you shall receive in this ship. I feare your arrivall will be so late, that you will hardly set the worke forward before Winter, but I know you will doe your indeauour. times here are extreamly distracted god send a good successe to our Armys, who are very nigh there enemys. I haue fully heard Sir Edmund Ploydens Comedy,2 and the Dutch Tragedy. the Lord preserue your Plantacions from such foolerys and misfortunes: pray remember to send me word concerning the black lead mines, and (if your occasion will permit) send me some Simples, or such like to begin a firme society with John Tredislin, and let me be beholden to you for all sorts of news and passages, and I shall strive to requite you in the same kind. Ile doe my indeauour to get a bloomer, and to get those knaues that ran away punished. Illegible and these times put me to my wits Ends. Well if our Iron busines goe on, all is well. I cannot further trouble my selfe at this time, but because I promised to tell you further concerning it, read in breife Abrege des secrets Fabri. it will give you your desire, but his preparacions are too laborious for any man breathing. I hope to see you next spring then I shall giue you further Satisfaction. Your louing freind

Robert Child

Remember my love to Mr. Downing. I knew not of his going with you else his olive trees should haue bin ready but I shall bring them with me next spring. Remember my seruice to your Father and others who as yet remember me. Yours

R. C.

Some say Colonll Hampden is dead, Wicham plundered.


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