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Papers of the Winthrop Family, Volume 1

John Winthrop to Margaret Winthrop1
Winthrop, John Winthrop, Margaret
To my verye lovinge wife Mrs. Winthrop at Groton in Suffolk dd
My truely beloved and deare wife,

I salute thee heartylye, givinge thankes to God who bestowed thee vpon me, and hath continued thee vnto me, the cheifest of all Comfortes vnder the hope of Salvation, which hope cannot be valued: I pray God that these earthly blessinges of mariage, healthe freindshipe etc may increase our estimation of our better and onely ever duringe happinesse in heaven, and may quicken vp our appetite therevnto accordinge to the worth thereof: O my sweet Wife, let vs rather hearken to the Advise of our lovinge Lord who calles vpon vs, first to seeke the kingdom of God, and tells vs, that one thinge is needfull, and so as without it the gaine of the whole world is nothinge: rather then to looke 261at the frothye wisdome of this worlde and the foolishnesse of suche examples as propounde outwarde prosperitye for true felicitye, God keepe vs that we never swallowe this baite of Sathan: but let us looke vnto the worde of God and cleave fast vnto it, and so shall we be safe.

I knowe you have heard before this of my comming to London: I thank God, we had a prosperous iournye, and found all well where we came: I doubt not but thy desire wilbe now to heare of my returne, which (to deale truely with thee) I feare will not be vntill the middest of next weeke: for the Parliament is putt off for a weeke; and I have many freindes to visit in a shorte tyme: but my heart is allready with thee and thy little lambes, so as I will hasten home with what convenient speed I may: In the meane tyme, I will not be vnmindfull of you all: but commend you dayly to the blessinge and protection of our heavenly father.

The newes from Bohemia is very badd, as that there is a generall defection from the Kinge of Bohemia etc: Secretary Nanton2 is commanded to keepe his howse: The Kinge is gone to Theoballs and many wilbe Idle vntill he returne.

Remember my dutye to my father and mother, my love to Mr. Sandes and all the rest of my true freindes that shall ask of me, and my blessing to our children; and so giving thee commission to conceive more of my Love then I can write, I rest, Thy faythfull husband

John Winthrop. my brother salutes you all. Jan: 23: 1620–21.

My brother Tindall and my sister wilbe at Groton before Lente (if God will) there would be some fowles provided and some Ale etc.


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Sir Robert Naunton (1563–1635) was suspended from his office of Secretary of State and confined to his chamber about January 19, 1621. “His misfortune rises from his delivering to the King a letter from Baron Achatius de Dona ambassador of the King of Bohemia, which displeased his Majesty.” He was restored to office, but resigned in January, 1623, only to be appointed, in July of that year, to the lucrative office of Master of the Court of Wards. D. N. B. , XL. 126–129; Calendar of State Papers, Domestic, 1619–1623, 215, 218.