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Letter from Richard Henry Lee to Thomas Cushing, 17 March 1773

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Potomack River, Virga March 17th 1773


Inclosed is a Sheet of the Journal
of the House of Burgesses of this
Colony in which you will see
the Resolutions our Assembly
have come in to & I hope your
Assembly & every Assembly in
British America will join us.
I wrote you by Capt Snow
acquainting you of the meeting
of the Assembly, our Governor
took no Notice of our Resolutions
in his Prorougeing Speech. I suppose
we shall meet in Oct or November
next. I shall be glad to have the
proceedings of the Court of Inquiry
at Rhode Island & a Copy of their
Commission also the Resolutions
of your Assembly yr Councils
& your House's Answer to Governor Hutchinson
are much approved of. --
I am Sir
Your Respectful Hble Serv.

Richard Lee

[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page)] Hon Thos Cushing.


The Answers of your Counsel & of yr House

Richard Lee Virginia
March 17 1773--