1783 Catalog of Books, [circa 1775-1812], page 10
by Thomas Jefferson

Books may be classed from the Faculties of the mind, which being
I. Memory. II. Reason. III. Imagination
are applied respectively to
I. History. II. Philosophy. III. Fine Arts.
History. Civil. Civil proper. Antient. Antient hist. 1.
Modern. Foreign. 2.
British. 3.
American. 4.
Ecclesiastical. Ecclesiastical. 5.
Natural. Physics. Natl. Philosy. 6.
Agriculture. 7.
Chemistry. 8.
Surgery. 9.
Medecine 10.
Natl. histy. propr. Animals Anatomy. 11.
Zoology. 12.
Vegetables. Botany. 13.
Minerals. Mineralogy 14.
Occupations of Man. Technical arts. 15.
[This outline of chapters continues on page 11 and on page 12.]