Farm Book, page 103
by Thomas Jefferson

paving or other stone cut @ 8d. the superficial foot, the block being found
& provisions.
the price of a Corinthian column at Paris is 24.H the inch of diameter;
an Ionic do. 6H. the inch. per Hallet.
good stone work, of unhewed stone, takes from 2. to 3. bush. of lime per perch.
the price for laying is 2/6 an 18 I. wall in Augusta it is 2/
such stone work is cheaper than brick in the proportion of 1056 -- 4s. to 581, -- 5s.
every thing calculatted accurately by a workman at Georgetown, his brickwork
coming to 9.61. per thousand, & his stonework 2.D. per perch, including the cost
& carriage of every article, even of the rough stone.
a man lays generally 3. perch a day. & even 5. in very thick wall.
s d
calculation of stone work at Monticello. the perch. laying 0- 18 @ 2/9
Prov'ns 0- 4
4. bush. lime @ 8d. 2- 8
stone waggoning 5- 0
attendance - 4
9 - 3

dry wall.
[Remainder of page is blank.]