Farm Book, page 104
by Thomas Jefferson

Wood.see page 37.
the saw mills over the mountains saw for 20/ the thousand, or one
half for the other.
2. mawlers & 3. rivers will rive 750. pine slabs a day, of 14 f. long, and
double that number 6. f. long. every slab clears about 4 1.that is
to say a, 30. slabs properly lapped clear 10. f.
another estimate is that 3 men will get only 450. slabs a day of 6. f. long & 5. 1. broad
to rive and draw 500. shingles is a common day's work.
a man may joint 3000. a day.
4. men got out and out 600. chesnut pales a day, 7. f. long for the garden
a waggon brings in 300. of them at a load
Paint. to a Square, i.e. 10. f. square, 1. lb Span. brown & 1. pint of oil gives 1. coat.
Venetian blinds. the Upholsterer's part costs 2. Doll. and the painting (by a coach
-painter) a French crown.
Cost of sashes of Mahogany of 9 panes 12. I. sq. 26 f. runng. measure, 16 joints @.213=1.917 @.38=3.4
4 do. 18. I. sq. 19 1/2 of do. 9 do. @.34 = 1.35 @.6 = .4
for sky lights the glass should lap 2 1/2 I. or more, the parts which lap should not
touch one another, because they will suck int he rain by capillary attraction.
there should be a free passage between them for the air. Carstairs.