Farm Book, page 106
by Thomas Jefferson

XI. Mill.
at Brandywine, 2 pr. of stones rent for 266 2/3 D.
100. bushels of wheat makes 20. barr. flour at Brandywine & Maryland.
a millar's wages at Brandywine from 100. to 150 D. & found.
a head millwright's wages .86 cents, a journeyman's .67 per day & found.
the millwright's work of a mill of 2. pr. stones, with boulting apparatus, fans,
double wire screen, hopper boy, hoisting machine,screwpacker, is worth
from 267 Doll.
a pair of millstones manufacture 10,000 bush. in the season. Dutton.
where the mill-wright is found, & everything brought into place he should make
a double armed waterwheel for 12/ the foot & the Cog-wheel for 15/ the foot in
diameter, & the shaft & gudgeon supporters into the bargain: and a single
armed water wheel for 20/ the foot.Gordon.
in Blowing much depends on the nature of the stone. but in very hard stone, a man
striking for himself will bore about 8. holes of 12 1.depth a Cocke. of gun-powder will make about 20. charges. mr. Cocke.
a man digs from 10. to 11. cubic yards a day of canal work & throws it Cocke.
a cooper's task is 4. flour barrels a day from the rough, i.e. from the stuff merely
rived out into thicknesses for 2. staves. and 6.barrels a day when the
staves are drawn.

the batteau with 8 hands collecting rock for the dam on the mountain side about t/2 a mile above the dam, brings about 6. loads a day of 2. perch each. = 12. perch a day.a waggon collecting stone in the plantation from the E. side of the meadow branch brings 12. loads a day of 1/2 perch each = 6 perch a day. leaving its driver & 2. of the nail boys to load & unload.12.hands get the long logs (6 of 50. f. long) and tyers (21.of 16 to 20. f.long) for a pen 12. f. wide. in the clear, 50. f. long & 3. f. high, bring them into place by water, and lay them down in 3. days.
the cost then of a pen 50. by 12. f. for the timber part is 18.D.
the stone 70. perch @ 4/= 46.67
about 1.30 or 8/ a foot running measure
or 1. D. the cubic yard. of the dam.

compleated the new Pierhead. it's floor is 9.f  [illegible I. below the spring of the brick arch, and 10 f 2 I. below the crown of the arch.

by an accurate trial with the spirit level, I found the surface of the water above the dam 6 f 1/8 I. higher than that at the mouth of the tail race of the sawmill.

fixed the bottom of the sawmill canal at 12 I. below the breast of the dam by the spirit level.

blowing on the road at the foot of the mountain on the river side, each borer uses 1/4 lb powder a day and boxes 3. holes of 12 I. each. which is 12. blasts to the lb.

by experiment at the toll mill, the Peak stones ground 4. bushels wheat an hour the Burr stones ground 4. bushels of corn an hour both then may be said to grind 200. bushels in 24. hours, half wheat, half corn.