Farm Book, page 119
by Thomas Jefferson

XVII. Tenants.

Tie them up to some rotation of crops which shall include ameliorating years
to counterbalance at least the exhausting ones.

reserve a right to enter the feilds at all times to watch waste.
to have necessary roads thro' the land

let their lease take in only their inclosures, but allow them wood for fires, fences, repairs
restrain their clearings in shape, quantity & place.

their quantity of stock, or hogs at least, which shall be allowed to go at large.

their power of assigning or underleasing without consent.

allow no cross fences.

a clause of distress of reentry on nonpaimt of rent.

lease to commence Sep. 1.

corn grounds 7/6 per acre, small grain 5/. peas or clover 2/6. 5x16 = 4/6
4x20 = 4/4 1/2

stock rented at 5. per cent. principal to be returned.

always to keep stock equal to 2. years rent.

to declare in writing at a fixed time what is to be tended in each field the ensuing year.

Thos. Garth's estimate of what my fields would yield in corn in 1797.

Shadwell. Upper field 4.Bar. Middle 2 3/4. Mountain 3 3/4 Chapel ridge 3. East field 3. South field 3.
West field 3 1/2

Lego. Square field 3 1/2 Bar. Oblong. 3 1/2. Triangle 4. Dry 2 1/2 Culpeper 4.