Farm Book, page 125
by Thomas Jefferson


plan for the crop of 1810

clear the lowgrounds on the W. side of Secretary's ford (abt. 12 or 15 as.) for tobacco
clean up the Square field for corn. 40. as.
Triangle & Oblong, put into oats. 80 as.
the belted grounds, not in wheat, put into oats.

clear adjoining the Belted grounds for tobo.
clean up Hickman's field for corn.
Square field, wheat
Culpeper, enlarge to 40. as. & sow wheat
Race [path] field wheat or oats & clover.
aim, as soon as possible at getting 3. fields of 80. as. each for this rotation, to wit,
1 field, half in corn, half in peas, oats or millet; & in the next rotation change the halves
1. in wheat 80. as.
1. in clover 80. as. and
a fourth field, as fast as we can, to be in clover also.
the [triangle symbol] and Dry field will be one.
the oblong & [square symbol] field another
Hickman's and the Belted field a third.
Culpeper etc. a 4th.