Farm Book, page 19
by Thomas Jefferson

Blankets, Beds Etc. given to slaves in 1774.

[column 1]


blankets to the following.

Martin, Bob, Mary, Bett.

Old Jenny, Ned.

George, Ursula, Little George.

Doll, Nance, Dinah, Scilla, Luna.

Barnaby, Abr m, Lewis.

Jame Hubbard, York, Peter, Phill

Goliah, Hercules, Jupiter, Suck.

Fanny, Fanny's children. blankets

Quash, Nell, Charles.

Betty Toby junr. Cate.

Beds given to the following.

Mary. Ursula. Fanny. Nell. Cate.

Lego. & Shadwell

Blankets to

Harry. Will. Caesar. Leah.

King. Judy. Moll. Sall.

Squire. Belinda. Charlotte. Etc.

Frank. Betty (Pat's daur.)


Beds to

Leah. Judy. Moll. Sall. Belinda.

[column 2]

Poplar Forest & Dun-Lora

Blankets to

Guinea Will. Betty. Hall Etc.

Amey. Will. Judy. Jemmy.

Tom Shackelford. John. Davy. Lucy.

Londy. Sarah. Phoebe. Peg. Etc. Betty Etc.

Abby. Peg. Jupiter. Phyllis. Shandy. Etc.

Ned. Isabel. Dinah. Aggy. Sam Etc. Dinah Etc.

Bella. Billeyboy.

Beds to

Betty. Amey. Judy. Sarah. Abby. Phyllis. Dinah.


Beds to

Sue. Nan. Hanah. Cate.

Blankets to

waterman Charles. Billy Warny.