Farm Book, page 31
by Thomas Jefferson

Register of births. B. denotes Bedford

[column 1]

[Transcription of a pair of columns, first and second columns on the page.]

Males Females
79. Moses. Isabel's
Austin. Judy Hix's
Cuffy. Bess's. d. 96 B.
Eve.Cate's B.
Lucy. Abby's B.
80. Joe. Mary's.
Sally. Molly's.
Cate. Bett's.B.
81. Wormeley. Bett Br's.
York. Judy's.
82. Shepherd. Doll's.
James. Cate's. qu. 83.
83. Barnaby. Jenny's.
Burwell. Bett Br's.
Lucy. Molly's.
Betsy. Mary's
Flora. Abbey's.B.
84. Davy. Isabel's. Sep.
Ben. Judy Hix's.
85. Brown. Bet Br's.
Davy. Abby's.B.
John. Dinah's.B.
86. Bartlet. Molly's.
Ned. Jenny's
Kit. Judy Hix's.
Philip.Cate's B.
87. Jamey.Critta's. Melinda.Bet Br's. I.E.
Edy. Isabel's
Ursula. Minerva's.
88. Lewis. Jenny's. Clarinda. Molly's. I.E.
Fanny. Jenny's.
Mary. Minerva's.
Sarah. Cate's.B.
Fanny. Abby's.B.
Cate. Suck's.B.
89. Sandy.Lucinda's I.E. Aggey.Isabel's.

Aggy. Dinah's B.
90. Jesse. Lewis's.
Dick. Jenny's.

Daniel. Suck's.B.
Rachael. Thamar's I.E.
91. Goliah.Molly's I.E. Lilly.Isabel's.
Nancy. Rachael's
Nancy. Cate's B.

Lucinda. Hanah's B.
92. Gill.Jenny's.Ned's.
Edy. Abby's.B.
Mary. Bett's.B.
93. Edwin. Bet. Br's.
Squire. Iris's. I.E.
Sousy. Lucinda's. I.E.
Reuben. Hanah's. B.
Amy. Isabel's.
Thenia. Doll's
Virginia. Minerva's
94. Abram. Rachael's.
Burwell. Rachael's. B.
Stephen. Suck's. B.
Armstead. Abby's. B.
Hercules. Betty's. B.
Evans. Dinah's. B.
Solomon. Hanah's. B.
Nelly. Scilla's. I.E.
Scilla. Jenny's.
Dolly. Doll's.
95. Jamey. (Jenny Lewis's). Apr.
Thruston (Isabel's) July 5.
Barret (Lucinda's) Sep.I.E.
Esther.Minerva's.Mar. 19.
Sophia. Phyllis. Apr. 20. I.E.
Harriet, Sally's. Oct. 5.
Isabel. (Sall's). June B.

[column 2]

[Transcription of a pair of columns, third and fourth columns on the page.]

males females
96. May. 6. Joyce. Iris's. I.E.
June 1.Zachary.Lucy's
14. James. Ned. & Jenny's.
Aug.Nace.Maria's. B.
96.Lucy.Thamar's I.E.
Aug.18 Letty.Scilla's I.E
Aug.Hanah.Dinah's B.
Suck's. B.
Abby's. B.
May. 5. Suckey. Mary's
97. Mar.22.Larana.Rachael's
Oct.24.Evalina.Lewis & Jenny's
Bec. Minerva's
98. Apr.Beverley.Sally's.
Oct. 25
Mar.98. Maria. Nanny's.
July 13.Emily.Phyllis's
June. 8. Dinah. Mary's
Oct.25.Aggy.Ned's Jenny's
99 June.22.Thrimston Isabel's. Apr.10.Nanny.Minerva's