Farm Book, page 45
by Thomas Jefferson

Diary for 1795.
The fall of 1794. had been fine, yet little ploughing was done, partly the want of horses, partly neglect in the overseers, & a three months confinement by sickness in myself, viz, from Sep. 1. to the latter end of Nov.
Petit came to Monticello about the middle of Nov. & soon after they began to plough on both sides, first with one plough, then 2, then 3. they did get the 4th plough each till the 2d. week in Mar. in the mean time 8. horses each had been made up by purchasing 5.
Before Christmas, at Tufton the Highfield of about 35. acres, & at Monticello a part of the River held, to wit about 20. acres, & about 15. acres for Pat field were ploughed, say about 70. as.
On the other side about 25. or 30. as. of the Square field were ploughed.

Not a single ploughing day in either of these months. a degree of cold of extraordinary severity. with many little snows, prevailed through the whole of them.
Petit cut down & grubbed about 8. acres between Franklin & Poggeo fields, grubbed the S. Orchard. cleaned part of the Hollow & Knob. fds.
Alexander grubbed the patches in Square field employed his men in mauling & cart in hauling rails to inclose East fd. and repair the fences in generel.

at night. John & his 4. companions have turned over the brick-earth. have cut for firewood 23. cords, & for coal 50. cords. the mule carts have brought in 403 1/2 hampers of coal.
12. loads of dung from Shadwell to the Lucerne.

P.M. John do. have cut 86. cords of wood pine & 2 of hiccory, & 28 1/2 of firewood
Alexander has about 90. as. ploughed.
Petit about 113, viz. Highfield 30. & 8 as. of Hollow fd. for corn, 15 as. of the
Riverfd. 30. of Slatefd. for wheat, 20 for oats & about 10. as. of S. Orchd. for pees.

began to plant corn at Lego.
finished bringin dung to the Lucerne with the Mule carts.
peaches & cherries in blossom.
Martins came to Charlottesville about the 24th of March.

began to sow clover. on trial with the box it took 11. gills to the acre. Colo. N. Lewis sowed an acre with 12. gills, but not so well done. the sowings are Antient fd. and an Oat field at the head of Slate fd. about 15. as. also about 4. or 5. acres to compleat Poggio.
at Shadwell began to sow the Upper field about 30. as.

the Oat field has taken 135 gills of clover seed, so, at 11. gills to the acre, there must be about 12 1/4 acres.

finish sowing clover this day. 15. gallons have sowed Outfield and Infield at Tufton.

the fallowing is finished here to about 10. as.

the clover at Poggio in general blossom. begin now only to cut it for green food. it has not been high enough till now.

the first lettuce comes to table.

strawberries come to table.