Farm Book, page 46
by Thomas Jefferson

cut barley at Shadwell.

do at Tufton.

27. begin to cut wheat at Shadwell. the force employed as follows
17.Cradlers. Ned. Toby. James. Val. Bagwell. Caesar. Jerry. Philip.
Davy. John. Lewis. Johnny. George (smith). Isaac. Isaac. Peter. Patrick.
5.reapers. Frank. Martin. Tim. Austin. Phill shoemaker.
7.stackers. Gr. George. Abram. Essex. Squire. Goliah. Tom. waggoner Phill.
36.gatherers. Isabel. Ned's Jenny. Lewis's Jenny. Doll. Rachael. Mary. Nanny. O. Betty
Molly. Sally. Amy. Minerva. Lucinda. Judy Hix. Thamar. Iris. Scilla. Belinda. Phyllis.
Moses. Shepherd. Joe. Wormely. Burrell. Brown. Jamy. Barnaby. Davy. Ben. Davy. John.
Kit. Patty. Lucy. Lucy.

begun to cut wheat on this side of the river.

These 2. days they cradled 73. as. there were but 12.cradlers at work on an average, & and they stopped cutting by an hour by sun the 4th (Saturday) that all was cut might be secured. they cut therefore fully 3. as. a day each, & may be counted on for that.
the ox carts carry the sheaves of about 7. bushels of wheat at a load. one of them with 3. loaders besides the driver, loads in 15'. and to go 1/4 of a mile & return took 22'. they would load, go & return 1/8 mile in 30'.

finished cutting wheat

finished cutting rye.

began to tread at Monticello with 7. horses.
Were harvest to go over again with the same force, the following arrangement should take place.
the treading floor should be laid down before harvest.
1/2 a doz. spare scythes should be mounted, & fingers for 1/2 a dozen more ready formed, bent & mortised, & some posts should be provided.
1. great George, with tools & a grindstone mounted in the single mule cart, should be
constantly employed in mending cradles & grinding scythes. The same cart
would carry about the liquor, moving from tree to tree as the work advanced.
18. cradlers should work constantly. Smith George, John, Davy, Lewis, Johnny, Isabel, Peter.
Patrick. Isaac
: Ned, Toby, James. Val.Bagwell Caesar Jerry Tim & Philip.
18. binders. of the women & abler boys. Isabel. Jenny. Jenny. Doll. Molly. Amy. Minerva. Lucinda. Judy.
Belinda. York. Burwell, Jamy, Barnaby. Davy. Patty. Lucy. Lucy.
6. gatherers, to wit 5 smallest boys & 1. larger for a foreman. Wormely. Brown. Davy. John. Ben. Kit.
3. loaders. Moses, Shepherd & Joe. loading the carts successively with the drivers
6. stackers. Squire. Abram. shoemkr. Phill,Essex, Goliah. Austin.
2. cooks. O. Betty & Fanny.
4. carters. Tom. Phill. Frank. Martin.
8. would remain to keep half the ploughs a going. Rachael. Mary. Nanny. Sally.
Thamar. Iris. Scilla. Phyllis
in this way the whole machine would move in exact equilibrio, no part of
the force could be lessened without retarding the whole, nor increased without
a waste of force.
this force would cut, bring in, & stack. 54. as. a day, and complete my havest of as.
in 6. days.
the proper allowance 4. gallons of whiskey, 2: quarts molasses, 1 midling besides
fresh meat per day, with peas.

began to turn-fallow Slatefield.