Farm Book, page 70
by Thomas Jefferson

Ry. Randolph's fencing chain weighs 1/2 lb per foot, & is 3.f.3 I. from the ground

Park-paling, every other pale high, the tall pales to have 5. nails, the low ones 4. nails is worth but 30/ the 100. yds, out & out. calculated by Skip Harris.
a man will cut & nail 300. chesnut rails a day thro' the year?

of the chain inclosing the semi oval level in front of the house 182. f. weighs 90 lb

Roads continued from page 69.
I think the road from the Pierhead up the river side, about 60. or 70. yards which is now finished, has cost about 100. D. it took 22. lbs of powder, about 14. days work of 2. men & 2. boys blowingcall them 42. days repair of augers, about 90. days work of common laborers last year, & about 15. days work, of common labourers now.

in making the Carlton path on the high mountain, thro' the woods & exceedingly steep, Wormley & Ned. did about 50. yds a day. 4 f. wide. which is 25. yds apiece.

& in making a horse path on the 3d. Roundabout & North side where it is very steep Wormly did 60. yds a day thro' the wood lands.