Farm Book, page 72
by Thomas Jefferson

III. Animals.

a horse will tend 20 M.; cornhills in the low-grounds. to wit, he will plough 2.M.; a day, & so get over the whole in 10. days. but in the Mountain land he will tend 25. or 30. M. hills. antient husbandry.

10 barrels of corn a year is the allowance for a plough horse.


Tom with his 3. small mules brings 15. bundles of nailrod = 840 lb in his cart from Milton, which he considers as a very heavy load.

the small three-mule carts bring t/4 cord of wood & 40. bush. coal at a load up the mountain.

Phill's 3. mules bring 1600. lb from Milton. a very heavy load for them. it was 25 bundles of nailrod & 200. lb bar iron.

Cattle continued from page 73.

the 400. Barr. of corn are destined for bread for 111. persons. so not to be counted towards stock.

Bar. grain ton of hay
18 horses @ 1 1/2 bush. of grain & 100. lb of dry hay [or 400. lb green] per week 280 + 48
20 working oxen @ 4/5 of the allowance to a horse, of grain 250
80. head of cattle from 1. to 10. years old @ 2. ton of dry hay a year, or green equivlt. 160
530. 208

80. head of cattle from 1. to 10. years old, will be
32. head from 1. to 4. years old
24 steers from 5. to 10. years old
24. cows

8 will arrive to 11. years old every year for beeves
24 cows will give 12. calves annually
of which 8. will supply the place of the 8. beeves killed annually
4 will supply accidental losses, or be veals.

5 barrels of corn per year is the allowance for work oxen, and 1. barrel a year for every head of cattle of all descriptions.