Farm Book, page 75
by Thomas Jefferson


kids are fit for the table from 3. weeks to 3. months old.


keep a breeding sow to every 2. laborers. Antient husbandry.

a hog of a year old takes 1. barrel of corn to fatten him. he will weigh 100. lb. he eats a bushel of corn a week while fattening.

my mark in Albemarle is a Crop & slit in the Right ear.

an Underkeel & slit in the Left ear.

2. bushels of corn keep a grown hog a year.

a hog (suppose of 100. lb) eats 1 bushel of corn a week, & in between 7. or 8. weeks weigh 175. lb. consequently every bushel of corn adds 10. lb to his weight.

every hog raised & fattened (including the stolen & lost) will have eaten 3. barrels of corn.

the young hogs require a bushel of corn a month for 4. months, their 1st winter, & more till they are put up to be fattened. then 1 1/2 barrel. this makes him 2.B. 1 1/2 b. but to this should be added 2. bushels eaten by the young hogs h are lost, and which make a part of the cost of those brought to slaughter.