Farm Book, page 76
by Thomas Jefferson

IV. Persons.

Articles for contracts with them.

the employer to have his share of grain at a fixed price at the end of the year, if he chuses it.

not to share till seed-grain is taken out, & then of what is sold or eaten by measure only.

allow 1/2 a share for every horse, & the same for a plough boy.

a share for every 8. hands as far as 16. but never more than 2. shares.

provision 400. lb pork if single, 500 lb. if married.

to be turned off at any time of year if his employer disapproves of his conduct, on paying a proportion of what shall be made according to the time he has staid.

to pay for carrying his share of the crop to market.

to pay the carriage of all refused tobo.

to pay his own taxes & levies. to pay his share of liquor & hiring at harvest.

to exchange clear profits with his employer at the end of the year, if the employer chuses it.

not allowed to keep a horse or a goose, or to keep a woman out of the crop for waiting on them.