Farm Book, page 77
by Thomas Jefferson


build the Negro houses near together that the fewer nurses may serve
& that the children may be more easily attended to by the super-
-annuated women.
children till 10. years old to serve as nurses.
from 10. to 16. the boys make nails, the girls spin.
at 16. go into the ground or learn trades.
a barrel of flour yields 17. pecks of flour, & the labourers prefer recieving 1. peck
of flour to 1 1/2 peck of Indian meal.
a barrel of fish, costing 7.D. goes as far with the laborers as 200. lb of pork 14. D.

a side of upper leather & a side of soal make 6. pr shoes, & take 1/2 lb thread, so
that a hide & 1. lb of thread shoe 6. negroes.

worth of a pair of shoes. upper leather 3/ soal leather 1 1/2 lb 3/
thread 6 d. making 2/
= 8/6