Farm Book, page 78
by Thomas Jefferson

V. Provisions.

100. lb of green pork makes 88. lb pickled do or 75 lb of bacon.
green pork when made into bacon loses one fourth. C.H. Harrison.
herrings cost 18 d. a hundred, pickled & barreled, on Potowmack. 2 are a ration.
1. lb of salt is necessary for curing every 10. lb of pork for bacon. but another
opinion is that a bushel of salt (of the weight of wheat) will cure 1000. lb of bacon, which
is 1. lb of salt to 16. lb pork, or 7 1/2 lb to a hog of 120. lb nett, say 1. gallon to a hog of 125. lb.
1. quart of salt saturates 1. gallon of water. per mrs D.M. Randolph.