Farm Book, page 83
by Thomas Jefferson

Rotted dung. cattle, little & big, will make 10 loads [cubic yds] in 6. months
if well littered. Logan. D.M. Randolph.
25. such loads serve to manure an acre. Logan.
it would be well worth while to confine & litter cattle in a yard thro'
the summer. Logan.
each head would then manure an acre a year.
dung is carried on in Dec. Jan. Feb.

Marle. an easy method of estimating accurately the quantity of calcareous earth they con-
-tain by dropping spirit of nitre till saturated, on that & on burnt limestone. Rep. Manure. pa. 71
Gypsum a calcareous earth combined with a mineral acid. when the calcareous earth is predo-
-minent it is a good manure, when the 2. ingredients are balanced so as to neutralise
it perfectly it is neither good nor bad, when the acid abounds it is injurious. ib. pa. 85.