Farm Book, page 88
by Thomas Jefferson

Jerusalem Artichokes. see page 94.

see 11. Biblioth. phys. econ. plants 10. pouces apart both ways, planted 3. pouces deep
produce to the arpent 1600. boisseaux. The boisseau of Paris contains 20. livres of wheat.


June is the proper time for planting peas, by which time, where they are to
be mixed with corn, the corn may have been ploughed 3. times. per Parker.
in Germany, Peas are sowed the same day with the oats.
as soon as they are all turned yellow, they are mowed with a scythe &
left 4. or 5. days in the sun to get quite dry. Then in the morning, when
the dew on them will prevent their shattering, they are carted home
and put into the barn loft, & about midwinter threshed, when they
yield easily, & without loss. They make 40. bushels to the acre. Weaver.

in sowing with the drill plough a quart sowed 350. yards of furrow, which at 4. feet
rows would be 10 1/2 quarts to the acre, or say 1 1/4 peck. This was of the white boiling
pea of Europe, to wit their field pea, or split pea. sowing the same by hand, a quart
sowed only 310. yards which is 11.85 quarts per acre, say 3. gallons. the pro portions
are exactly as 31:35 or 32:36. or 8:9. so that the drill saves 1/8 of seed. in labor
it saves the whole hand sowing, and the covering with a plough.
we find a great advantage in preceding the drill by a
harrow. 2. horses will harrow 15. as. a day.

7. bushels of cow peas plant 40. acres in drills 3 1/2 f. apart. Pop. For.