Farm Book, page 89
by Thomas Jefferson


White clover growing among the Red does not lessen the crop of the latter. Logan. Try two Rotations, differing only in the circumstance that one has 3. years of
red clover, & the other 3. years of rest, either successive or interspersed,
& at the close of the rotation, that with the clover will be very much more
ameliorated, than the field which had 3. years of rest. Logan.

Dr. Logan sows his clover alone in the fall
the next summer is it's prime, yielding 2 cuttings.
the following year gives one cutting & pasture instead of a 2d.
his average cuttings are 2. tons to the acre.
wheat sowed on it after 2. years crops, yield the heaviest crops possible, as
the ground is still clear of weeds.
if the want of spring pasture renders expedient to let it remain still
another year, then to get rid of weeds, it will require an extra ploughing.
The 2d. cutting is generally best for the quantity, & always for the quality of the hay. it is also best for the seed: Peters.
The 1st. cutting is before harvest, & the 2d. after.

Clover hay, if well stacked, will spoil but a little way in. however, it is
best to put it under barracks.
hay generally stacked in Pensylva in stacks of about 3, 4, or 5 tons; but in
England they pack in 15 or 20. tons, as hard as wood. it keeps the bet
ter the larger the stack, & the harder packed.
clover when dried weighs 1/4 of what it did when green. Kaim. 168

The Seed produced is very precarious in quantity. Dr. Logan thinks 2. bush-
els an average crop: Peters 4. bushels, & he has seen vastly more
to the acre. the heads are combed off, which does not sacrifice the hay.
Young's experiments yeilded on an average 2 3/4 bush. to the acre. he made it from the 2d.crop.
he suspects that, contrary to the common opinion, when clover seeds, it injures the succeed
ing crop, whether clover or gain. 3 Young's exp. agri. 300.360.
The quantity of seed to an acre producing the maximum is in manured lands 12 1/2 lb. pa. 393
unmanured lands 20. lb. pa. 387

[these quantities sown by had are but equivelent to 4 1/2 and 7 1/2 lb sown with the box]
his experiments are decisive against autumnal sowing. ib. 367.
he thinks it best to continue clover 3. years on the land. ib. 321.
it is the best summer feed for hogs. ib. 292.
a field of 10. as. will pasture more than 2. fields of 5. as. each. ib.299.