Farm Book, page 92
by Thomas Jefferson


green Lucerne, when dried, loses 3/4 of it's weight. 2 Dickson. 230.
a cow eats of mown lucerne about 66. lb per day. of st foin form 64. lb. neither gives any taste to the milk,
nor will clover if the cows be not confined to it. 4 Young's exp. agr, 362-367.

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Succory. Pumpkins.

Nov. 1796. less than an acre of pumpkins have fed 9 horses at Shadwell 5. weeks, as
well as a gallon & a half of corn a day would have done. equal then to 35. days x
9. horses, x 1 1/2 galn. of corn = 12 barrels of corn. besides this a great proportion of the
pumpkins had rotted. an acre of pumpkins then is equivalent to 5. acres of corn.
to feed all the work horses, oxen, milch cows from Sep. 1. to Dec. 31. & to fatten the hogs
8. acres of pumpkins should be planted on each side of the river, by themselves.