Farm Book, page 94
by Thomas Jefferson

Artichokes. see page 88.

500. bushels to the acre made by mr Ben. Lewis.
1/2 bushel a day serve a hog.
Artichokes do better on clayey loams than either potatoes or carrots. The horse hoeing husban-
dry suits them best. double rows 18. I. apart, & intervals of 3 1/2 f. the plants 1. f. in the row.
when planted flush the rows should be 2. f. apart, & the plants 1. f. in the row. average
produce 481. bushels to the acre. but they do not leave the earth mellow. They thrive
in almost any soil. 3 Young's exp. agr. 258.

Red beets. Carrots.

Beets are ameliorating. They suit clays better than carrots, should be substituted for unproduc-
tive fallows. They clean the grounds. plants should be hoed to 18 I. apart every way. average
produce 346. bushels per acre. 3 Youngs. exp agric. 251.
to feed horses with carrots put 2 or 3. bushels at a time into a trough and with water &
a broom wash them. take them out, chop them with the edge of a shovel & give them
in chaff to the horses. 2 1/2 bushels are equivalent to a bushel of oats, and with
a plenty of hay will serve a horse a week. 4 exp. agr. 409.