Garden Book, page 17
by Thomas Jefferson

of your grapes turn out illy, cut off the vine & ingraft another on the stock. an acre in vines where they are 2 1/2 f apart in the row will admit 4316. in all.

sowed, planted &c as follows.
No. 1. Cocomere di Pistoia. Watermelons. 34. hills.
2. Cocomore di seme Neapolitane. 37. hills.
12. Zatte di Massa. Canteloupe melons. 18. hills.
18. Popone Arancini di Pistoia. Musk melons. 11. hills
64. in the Meadow. Rice

7. Zucche bianche. white pumpkins. 22. monticini
8. Zucche nere. black do. 42. hills.
9. do. di Monacho. 8. monticini.
10. do. Lauri. 9. monticini
11. do. da Pescatori. 3. do.

*in making a stone wall in my garden I find by an accurate calculation that 7 1/2 cubical feet be done in a day by one hand who brings his own stone into place and does every thing.

sowed 4. rows of forward peas.
2. do. of

sowed No. 67. white beet
68. red beet.
69.Scarlet radishes. Tuckahoe.
from England

sowed No. 3. Carrots.
6. Spinach
10. Curled Parsley.
11. Peas.
20. Rape.
32. Savoys
73. Coleworts
75. Broccoli
40. Ice Lettuce
from Dr. Brown's