Garden Book, page 41
by Thomas Jefferson

sowed. Phaseolus rufus. Haricots roussatres. West bed of XV. N. end.
Brassica sempervirens. middle of same bed.
Valeriana vesicaria. Candia corn sallad. S. end of same bed.

planted Pani crn in the S.E. end of the Supplementary ground below Bailey's walk
forward corn from Claxton in the S.W. corner of do.
Cherokee latter corn in the middle part.
sweet or shriveled corn in the N.W. comer of do above Bailey's walk.
forward blackeyed peas of Georgia, 2. uppermost rows. ibidem.
forward French black eyes in the rows next below.
Ravensworths in the next. 3563. of these = 1 pint
Cowpeas in all the rest of the Supplement except as follows. *2587 = 1. pint.
Benni in all the E. end above Bailey's walk.

sowed upland rice at the mouth of the Meadow branch.

sowed yellow jasmine seed in 2. boxes. XIV. XV.

planted 12. figs, just recieved from Dr. Thornton, in the vacancies at the S.W. end of the wall beginning where those of Sep. 5. 1809. end. these of 1809. are all sprouting at the root.

Note the following cluster of trees in the old nursery, to be suffered to remain there & to be taken care of
1. in the row e.15 f from the gate a [illegible May Duke cherry of the finest quality.
2. about 10 f below that a  [illegible May cherry of very fine quality. a line with that, 12. f. eastwardly a plumb, supposed Magnum bonum.
4.a pear 2. f. from the 3d.
5. due West from the May Duke 7. f. a quince
6.due West nearly from the Quince 8. f. a pear.
The cherry trees along the brow of the garden wall are as follows.
1st. on the S. W. angle opposite the Asparagus beds a May cherry.
2d. opposite walk A. a Carnation.
3d. square I. a May cherry.
4th. II. do.

in center of XVI.
a seedling balck, but large & fine
in center of IX not a Mayduke, yet like it. perhaps a blackheart.

cucumber from mrs. Lewis.

squashes from the Asparagus bed.

the ice in the ice house fails.
millet is now fit for use.
*The largest cups of the drill hold 5. cowpeas each, & 5 cups to a turn of the wheel require 25. peas to a revolution of the wheel which is circumference. then 1. pint will sow 100. revolutions = 200yds and 18 pints or 1 1/8 peck will drill an acre in rows 4.f. apart. but it will be better to use the cups which take up a single pea only each, & drop with 6. cups to the band, or 6. peas to the 6.f. in this way 4 1/4 pints sow an acre, and 1. bushel sows 15. acres.