Garden Book, page 56
by Thomas Jefferson

planted 56 seeds of the Acacia Nilotica in the earthen trough, & the box No. VI. they were from mrs.Lomax's which was from the plant at Greenspring.

planted in vacant places in the Fruitery as follows.
10. pipins from terras 2. of 1810.
14. Spitzenbergs. from do.
20. Taliaferro apples from terras 3. of 1810.
14. soft peaches, to wit 3. terms 61. supposd.Nov. from P.F. and 11. soft do. from Terras 7. from P.F.
8. black Georgia plumb peaches from terras 6. of 1810.
3. filberts from terras 5. of 1810.

Almond in blossom.

peaches do.

planted in box No. I. Liburnum seeds in 16. holes, 2. in a hole.

Nursery. 9th. terras. planted stones of the native Florida plumb, said to yield fruit in 2. years from the stone.
box No. IV. planted Liburnum seeds in other 16. holes, 2. or 3. in a hole

put 6 living carp into the 2d. fishpond.

a buck and a doe from Enniscorthy were put into the Paddock inclosing the brick yard.

in the course of 20. hours there fell 12 1/8 I. of rain, the earth being at the time extremely dry, it raised the river to the eves or upper floor of my toll mill. or, more exactly half way up the joists.
at the saw mill it was 10.I. deep on the barn floor. this seems to have been a rise of about 15. f.perpendicular from the surface of the river at the issue of the tail-race, or entrance of the ford. Hardware is said to have risen 30.f. perpendicular. see page 31. for the freshes of 1771. 1795. 1804.
this fresh carried away the dam of my chub-pond. see ante 1813.May 5.& 23. and ran so deep over the dam of the carp pond that those ante May 3. probably went off.

carrots made this year 18. bushels
salsafia 11. bushels.

mr. Divers has a dish of peas.

replanted with Asparagus seed the Western half of the old Asparagus bed under the wall.

peas at mr. Divers. they were sown Feb. 2.

filled the Ice house at the river with ice.

filled the Snow house here with snow.

planted 15. Scuppernon vines in lowest terras of Vineyard.

peas at mr. Divers. sown early in Jany.

put 2 carp into the 2d. fishpond and 4. chubs into the 3d. the 1st. or uppermost pond is for eels. the carp and chub from Genl. Cocke's

eels put into the 1st. pond as we catch them are 4+2+2+7+3+1.

planted Seakale 6. rows 100. f. long, 16 I. apart, & the seeds 16 I.dist. on the row making 6. rows of 75. holes each = 600. holes or plants. 6 seeds in each hole.

Planted the whole bed of sea kale with plants from mr. Divers. about 400. plants in all.

put 3. carp into the carp pond & 4. chub into the chub pond. from Genr. Cocke