Garden Book, page 6
by Thomas Jefferson

1771 Monticello.
sowed a patch of peas after steeping them in water 24. hours. (note the seed came from J. Bolling's)

rain snow & hail with an Easterly wind for 4. days.

cleared up cold with a North West wind.

replanted all the pomegranates in their proper row. also planted 4. others on S.E. edge of garden. also a Medlar Russetin.
in the row of Peach trees for Apricots planted 4. apricot trees, viz. the 1st. 2d. 4th. & 5th. counting from S.W. end. peas up.

planted 5. grapes from N. Lewis's on S.E. edge of garden.

sowed peas. (from T. Morgan's) planted 2. beds of Asparagus seed.

cold easterly wind, rain & hail.

eat peas at Barclay in Charles-City.

eat strawberries at Docr. Rickman's

the greatest flood ever known in Virginia.

peas of Mar. 6. come to table.

*Cart. H. Harrison tells me it is generally allowed that 250 lb green pork makes 220. lb pickled. he weighed a ham & shoulder when green. The one weighed 24. lb the other 17. lb. after they were made into bacon each had lost exactly a fourth. they were of corn-fed hogs.

*Stephen Willis sais it takes 15. bushels of lime to lay 1000. bricks.
*Old Sharpe sais a bushel of Lime-stone will weigh 114 lb and if well burnt will make 2. bushels of slacked lime.

*John Moore's ford over the Rivanna cost 28. on accurate estimate.